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Sports Chiropractic at Triad Family Chiropractic

Man tying his shoeEvery athlete wants to win. What are the ingredients to winning? Having the ability to perform at your highest level. Achieving optimum performance depends on how your nervous system is functioning. Chiropractors can make sure you’re operating at your peak level so that you can be competitive in your chosen sport or activity.

Why Every Athlete Needs a Chiropractor

Whether you’re an amateur athlete or a professional, you might want to explore having a chiropractor on your team. A chiropractor is the only doctor that can detect and correct subluxation. A subluxation means a vertebrae in your spine is out of position, which will interfere with the function of your nervous system.

If you have a subluxation, the resulting nerve interference will alter the signals that your brain sends to your muscles or that your body returns to the brain to report on the function of your muscles.

A chiropractor will correct subluxations, removing nervous system interference so you can perform at your greatest potential.

Your performance depends on how you coordinate your movement, your endurance and your strength. Each is controlled by your nervous system. Your brain generates intent, then signals individual muscles to perform the tasks. If the signals generated in the brain aren’t transmitted clearly, your muscles can’t perform the complex movement you require. Interference with nerve signals decrease your ability to be at your highest level of competition.

When your nervous system is free from subluxation, you can have your optimum performance. Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast about running or a professional athlete, your muscles and nerves will function at their highest potential under care.

Professional sports teams, including every team in the NFL, has a chiropractor on their staff. Studies support that chiropractic can increase your reaction time by 14.8%! This percentage can be the difference between getting on the team or getting in the Hall of Fame. Numerous athletes report achieving their personal best after starting chiropractic care.

Any athlete is testing the limits of their body. If you aren’t at 100% because of subluxations, an injury can be more likely to occur. Avoiding an injury is the best way to make sure you stay in the game, which is why so many athletes see their chiropractor regularly.

Though some injuries can be unavoidable, chiropractic can ensure you recover quickly and completely. It’s a vital part of your recovery regime.

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to enjoy the benefits of a high-functioning nervous system. To move properly, you need the right structure and function. Chiropractic corrects subluxations that have negative effects on your nervous system and physical structure. What is the total picture of health? Proper diet, physical activity, a good mental attitude, ample sleep and a nervous system that is free from interference.

No matter which activity you participate in, chiropractic can up your performance while boosting your enjoyment and life quality.

Be a Better You

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