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Jessica OReilly, Triad Family Chiropractic staff

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Jessica O’Reilly – Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Jessica O’Reilly! If you’re a member of our practice, you’ve probably seen me a time or two. I’m typically referred to as “The girl with the purple hair”! I started here as Dr. Craig’s assistant in May of 2018. Along with being his assistant, I’m also a hairstylist – hence the hair! I live here in beautiful little Kernersville with my husband, John. Chiropractic has helped me in more ways than I can count. Before I started working here, I woke up with a headache every single day for almost 3 years. Looking back, it started from a bad car accident I was in in 2015. Headaches became an everyday part of my life to the point I just considered it normal. Working here quickly taught me that “normal” is a word we use way too loosely. Fortunately, I was able to get under care and I’ve been able to put my headaches behind me!

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I’ve also been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Dr. Craig has tried finding ways to adjust me to help with my pain. He’s helped me by figuring out my hormone imbalances and the types of foods/supplements I should consume and avoid that help or negatively affect my Endo flares.

Not only has Dr. Craig and Chiropractic care helped me with my physical issues; it’s completely changed my mentality on how I take care of my body. I’ve switched to organic foods, I use herbal medicine, and I focus more on staying hydrated. I’ve stopped any and all medication and if I do need something I use herbal remedies instead for ailments. Chiropractic, if you allow it, will change your entire life and the way you look at your health. At the end of the day, this body is supposed to take us to the end of our life; how we take care of it can determine how far we get. This practice has changed me and I’m so excited to be here helping others begin this beautiful journey in living a full and healthy life!

Allie Wright, Triad Family Chiropractic staff

Allie Wright – Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Allie Wright and I am one of the Chiropractic Assistants here. I am a senior at UNCG and a Kinesiology major with a minor in Nutrition. When I was in middle school, I injured my back. At the time, we did not know what was causing the pain, all I knew was I could not bend more than a few inches without being in excruciating pain. I went to several doctors, physical therapists, etc. with no help whatsoever. Finally, someone suggested I try a chiropractor, it was the best decision I have ever made. This is my chiropractic miracle story and I know countless people with similar stories. I love having the opportunity to help individuals to better health and achieve their full potential with the aid of Chiropractic care because I know how important it is in so many family’s day to day lives.

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