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What Our Patients Say

Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonial 1

*I woke up with a headache and after being adjusted by Dr. Hensley the pressure immediately went away and my headache was gone.


Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonial 2

*Dr. Hensley is a wonderful caring doctor that takes his time to listen and find out what is the root of the problem. I don’t know what I would do with him as my chiropractor.

During my whole pregnancy I had a lot of SI joint pain that ran down my legs due to how my daughter was positioned. With Dr. Hensley’s help I was able to enjoy my pregnancy like a mother should. I continue to see him for my overall health and well-being.


Chiropractic Care Patient Testimonial 3

*After suffering a back injury on a basketball court nearly 7 years ago, I have been to see a number of different chiropractors to seek solutions to my lower back pain. It was not until I started seeing Dr. Hensley about a year ago that I began to feel much better for prolonged periods of time.

Dr. Hensley also has spent time educating me on exercises, stretching and other movements that I can do at home. He also has helped me to better understand my lower back and ways I can prevent further aggravation to that part of my body.


  *Disclaimer: These are reviews and results may vary.