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Hello, my name is Dr. Craig Hensley and I would like to welcome you to Triad Family Chiropractic.  If you were referred to our office by a friend or family member you already know that our goal is to help each patient to reach their full potential through chiropractic care.  Before we talk more about the benefits of care let me tell you a little about myself.

Growing up I would get migraine headaches.  They were debilitating and I would have to spend a day or 2 in a completely dark and quiet room.  In college my migraines began to worsen.  Like most college students I was not living a healthy lifestyle.  I was eating poorly, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, and stressed. The excruciating headaches became more and more frequent until I began having them daily.  After trying multiple medications, with no improvement, I ended up in the hospital.  After getting out of the hospital I started looking for another way.  That is when I found chiropractic.  Chiropractic saved me and I was able to get my life back.  At that time I decided to become a chiropractor to help others the way I had been helped.

We live in a sick, crying, and dying world where many people think that health comes from a bottle.  Most people forget that our bodies are wonderfully made and we are designed to heal and be healthy.  I am looking for people who are open minded enough to embrace a new way of achieving health.

Two of these people were actually the parents of a three month old little girl.  She was extremely fussy.  She had difficulty eating and when she did eat she would often throw up most of what she had eaten.  She had also already been on antibiotics from an ear infection.  Sleep was almost non-existent for these new parents.  It was recommended that she begin taking reflux medication and start using a very expensive formula that was supposed to be easier to digest.  Her parents did not like those answers and they were looking for a better solution to help their baby girl. 

By the grace of God they were referred to our office by a parent who had a child with similar issues.  Her parents were very protective and unsure about this new venture but after educating them on the healing principles of chiropractic care they committed to care for their little girl.  After her first adjustment there was no real change in her symptoms.  On the next visit there were lots of questions about will this work and did they make the right decision.  I explained that health does not happen in one visit, any more than working out once establishes physical fitness and we continued with treatment.  Within a few weeks the little girl started to turn around.  She was sleeping and eating better.  Her digestion improved and she stopped spitting up everything that she ate.  Who were the real heroes in this story?  It was not me.  I am thankful for the part I played, but the real heroes were her parents.   They helped to get her over this health challenge but then they continued with care to allow their baby to express her full health potential.  Her parents were excited to have a happier and healthier baby. 

I know that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made and our bodies have the amazing ability to heal and be healthy.  I want to help you to tap into that innate potential to be a happier and healthier you. 

I know many reading this may be dealing your own health issues.  Some of you are in tough shape, some have chronic conditions and others have been told there is no hope.  Just like this little girl I want to help you achieve your full health potential.

Dr. Craig Hensley Photo with Family; 900 Old Winston Rd Suite 208 Triad Family Chiropractic