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Chiropractic Care Services Offered

Triad Family Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range Triad Family Chiropractic Patient Adjustment Room, Triad Family Chiropractic 900 Old Winston Rd Suite 208 Kernersville NC 27284   of  Chiropractic techniques and other services.  Triad Family Chiropractic Welcomes patients of all ages, including new-born babies, children, teenages, adults, and geriatric patients.  

Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustments are perfomed to restore motion to the spine and relieve nerve interference.  This allows your body to function properly and heal itself.  Each adjustment works with the ones before it to improve the biomechanics of the spine and improve your overall health.

Headache and Migraine Headache Pain Relief

There are many types of headaches each with their own unique characteristics and their pains can be greatly reduced and even remedied through a proper chiropractic care program. From cluster headaches to tension headaches on up to the severe pain from migraine headaches proper spinal alignment reduces the pressure on nerves that are known to be their trigger. Read about the symptoms of different headaches.

Other Services

  • On-Premise Digital X-Ray Facility -  Digital x-rays give us the ability to determine the severity of your condition Triad Family Chiropractic X-Ray Room, 900 Old Winston Rd Suite 208 Kernersville NC 27284 which allows us to make the best recommendations for care.  All x-rays are read by the doctor and sent out to a radiologist to read as well.  This gives us two sets of eyes on every x-ray taken.
  • Insight Thermal Scan -  A thermal scan monitors the temperature of the spine.  This is designed to evaluate autonomic nerve function.  This is used to track your progress throughout treatment.
    (see first visit )
  • E-Stim -  Is short for electrical stimulation which is used to help with pain releif and to reduce muscle spasms
  • Mechanical Traction -  Therapy that is used to increase mobility and stretch spinal joints.
  • Postural Checks -  Posture provides a window into the spine.  By examining one's posture we can evaluate imbalances in the spine that cause problems now and in the future.
  • Spinal Exercises - Exercises are given during treatment to correct postural imbalances, to strengthen the spine, and to prevent further injuries.
  • Triad Family Chiropractic Traction Area, 900 Old Winston Rd Suite 208 Kernersville, NC 27284Ice - Ice is used for acute patients to decrease edema, reduce muscle spams,and limit pain.
  • Health Talks (in office and in the community) -  One of our goals is to educate the Kernersville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Walkertown communities about the benefits and value of chiropractic care.  If you would like us to give a free health talk at your place of employment, house of worship, school, or another group that you are associated with please contact us at 336-904-0752 to schedule.